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Bill's Travel Tip:
Amtrak has a frequent rider program. Even commuter miles count. So commuters in the northeast can eventually treat themselves to an overnight train trip to Chicago.

Transit News is the newsstand/gift shop in the train station in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Travelers ourselves, we strive to meet the needs of the traveling public with an inventory that includes the newspapers, magazines, books, candy, and snack items you'd expect to find in any transit center newsstand. But we go beyond that with a host of items anticipating the traveler's needs: bandaids, personal hygiene items, luggage locks, shoe polish, over-the-counter medications, and more.

We pride ourselves on our collection of classic literature and books about Pennsylvania and its rich history. We feature prepared sandwiches and complete microwavable meals since there's no food service on any bus or on east bound Amtrak train. We also offer shirts, souvenirs, and gift items like Ty Beanie Babies so no traveler has to go home empty handed.

Through our website we offer real values on travel guides, luggage, travel supplies and more. So for all your travel needs, remember the Transit News online store.

Our Employees

Heather. Heather has been Transit News' full-time manager since 1998 and her cheerfulness, helpfulness, and genuine concern for our customers make her popular with the regulars and welcoming to all. She pays great attention to detail, is resourceful, has great business sense, and a responsible nature.
Mary. Mary comes from a long line of retailers and is Transit News' longest serving part-time employee. She serves on the Planning Council of Three Mile Island Alert and is recognized as a lay expert on the effects of radiation on plants and animals including humans. She has traveled extensively to speak on radiation's dangers.
Bill Wilson. Bill, now semi-retired, has been a professional educator and worked in the food service business as well. In addition to his part-time work at Transit News, he's also a part-time tour leader for a local travel company. Bill's currently recovering from heart surgery and we hope to see him back behind the register soon.
Bill Cologie. The proprietor of Transit News since 1991, as a traveler himself, Bill has transformed the business to make it "hyper-responsive" to the needs of travelers. He prides himself on the classic literature always in stock at TN and on the reasonable prices for a transit center shop. Here he is pictured with children's book author Carmen Agra Deedy whose books are available at Transit News.

Recently joining Transit News are two part-time cashiers, Joe Delgado and Tim Kuhn (no photos available).
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