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Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel includes 20 money-saving tips each month and a subscription is under $15 year. Subscribe at Transit News' online magazine stand.

Our Products

Transit News features hundreds of products for the traveler, which is why we advise making Transit News "your first stop" when traveling.

We have snack items from Lance, Lays, Tastykake, and more. Soft drinks including soda, teas, coffee, dairy products, and hot chocolate. We feature more than two dozen varieties of pre-made sandwiches, breakfast burritos, bagels, and more. We have microwavable fare from soup to entrees and even pizza that can be warmed in our microwave.

For the traveler we have travel accessories like travel irons, raincoats, umbrellas, sewing kits, and travel-size toiletry items like shampoo, soap, shaving cream and more. Our online partner, Amazon, offers even more items and we encourage you to visit them. At Amazon's travel store you can also find dozens of backpacks, luggage, with wheels and without, a bag for your laptop and more.

While we limit our in-store travel guides to places served by Amtrak (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Baltimore), you can click on guidebooks to access guides for the rest of the world. On-line we also offer maps for the entire world. We pride ourselves on our classics in paperback--from Aeschylus, Albee, Alcott, Austen and Aristophanes to Wells, Whitman, Wharton, Wilde, Wilder, and Malcolm X--but you'll find an even greater book selection including NY Times best sellers at our on-line store.

We have a wide selection of Thomas toys in the store, but an even greater selection at Amazon. You'll find lots of other quality toys at Amazon, just enter the name of the toy you seek on Amazon's search line. At Transit News you'll find quality Ty plush products including Beanie Babies, but we don't offer those on-line. We soon plan to offer a variety of Harrisburg and Railroad tee-shirt, both online and at our store. Watch this site for more information.

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